I Am Doing My Part

I Am Doing My Part

Today is Day 16. But this post is for Day 15.  

Day 15 was busy! On a typical Saturday you will find me in my home, being quiet, decompressing from the week, it’s intentional time spent with myself for myself.

However this Saturday was different. I needed to wash and blow dry my hair (which is a job in itself) sit for 4 hours to get my hair braided, pick up a few days worth of food from a friend, pickup boots from the shoe shop before they closed, come home and find something to wear to a celebratory dinner with friends, get dressed and meet my ride to dinner by a designated time—it was a lofty goal to have all of this complete by late afternoon—especially because everything was located all over the city/surrounding suburbs.

Knowing I had all this to do, I set my intention when I first woke up—maybe before that because I had a dream I was hours late for my hair appointment so maybe I had it on my mind, but I set an intention to intentionally have the day of Ease I desired.  Ease was/is inside of me!

I was doing my part by acting on my intentions— working toward my big goal by doing my part  

On this “Set Your intention” Saturday, understand that intentions are not enough…we must do our part to aid in our intentions coming into fruition.

What is your intention for the day? Do you give yourself grace when you can’t get everything done? 

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