Saying YES is a Commitment

Saying YES is a Commitment

Like many of us, I had over a week off work for the end of year holidays. Before this break I had quite a few things I wanted to accomplish over that time. However, my mind, body and intuition made it clear I needed to take it easy and truly take a break during this time. 

As I began Norel Care Sunday* (more about “{Insert Your Name} Care Sundays” below), I thought about all the to do’s I had not accomplished during my week off. Instead of trying to cram everything from that list on myself during my last day off, I chose one thing to commit to complete that would help me as I ease back into work this week. 

My time off work has been relaxing, rejuvenating, calm, full of ease, and I intentionally stayed present.

Today I commit to keeping this feeling for future Norel as I say YES to myself by staying committed to myself daily! 

What is your commitment for today, for this week, for the year, for the rest of your life? 

*I coined “{Insert Your Name} Care Sundays” to make self care Sunday more personal to me. Language is so important—especially the language that we speak about ourselves to ourselves. What is "Your Care" called?

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