I am making decisions to benefit my future self

I am making decisions to benefit my future self

Remember the time you took relaxing alone or with family and friends during the end of 2021? What about that big goal you set for yourself for 2022--keep that in mind and take a moment and relive that feeling of peace and hopefulness right now. Yes as you read this post! 

As many of us go back to work today after a long holiday break, don't lose that feeling of joy and rest you experienced. Remember that resolution or goal you set? Maybe you are starting your work towards that goal today. Whatever you are experiencing today, spend some time before you jump into your day to "Lighten your mental load" by doing something your future self will thank you for.

Need some ideas on what you can do? Check out a few below, and share what you will be doing today to lighten your mental load:

  • Block your calendar for an hour a day this week to give yourself a break as you ease back into working
  • Schedule your after work hours and manage your calendar. Have no idea how to start? Check out the October The Yes Crowd event facilitated by Ja'Net Anthony "Lighten Your Mental Load" for tips on goal setting with a focus on time management.
  • This is your sign to start your wellness plan. Go to the grocery store, take a walk, sign up for that exercise class, meditate! Whatever your plan entails--do that!

What decision are you making today that your future self will thank you for? 

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