I am Proud of Myself

I am Proud of Myself

On Fridays we celebrate! We celebrate over drinks (cocktails or mocktails) and celebrate our joy! The ways that we have said YES to ourselves, the ways we have created and enforced our boundaries, moved closer to our goals and filled our own cup! 

We made it to the last day of the 1st week of 2022! Congratulations! Congratulations for the ways you have decided to commit to yourself—even if you have not accomplished every single ambitious thing on your goals list—you did SOMETHING! And for that, I celebrate you! And you should be proud of yourself! 

Did you go to work everyday? Did you meditate and/or pray everyday? Did you attend an event that aided in your personal development? Did you do something you were scared to do and did it through the fear? Did you encourage yourself? Did you intentionally live your life? CONGRATULATIONS to you! 

I’m celebrating the commitment I made to myself to consistently post content for The Yes Crowd, I’m celebrating saying YES to joining the I Choose The Ladder Career Chat on Wednesday (Did you watch? What were some of your takeaways?) 

Let’s celebrate today! I would love to hear the ways you have said YES to yourself this week! Let me know below! 

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