Float & Bloom

Float & Bloom

It's ok to let your guard down. 

It's safe. You have always been safe, loved, and protected. Why would this time be any different? Allow someone to take care of you for a change. RELAX.RECEIVE.ENJOY.

Allow yourself to release control and FLOAT on the knowing that you don't have to do it all. Allow yourself to BLOOM through dark and trying times like a seed that sprouts into the most beautiful flower. Allow yourself to Float & Bloom.

Say YES to yourself by:

Letting Love In.
Letting Abundance In.
Letting Goodness In.


I am well taken care of;
I allow myself to be taken care of;
I am open to taking care of others when it feels right and aligned;
I am always well taken care of;
I feel safe to take educated risks because I am protected and taken care of;
I allow myself to FLOAT & BLOOM

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