Stay in the Light & Shine Yours Bright

Stay in the Light & Shine Yours Bright

Be careful of the ones that want to overpower you--that have no actual power.

There will be people who will try to make you feel small when they want to appear larger & more powerful than they are.

DON'T LET THEM--AND DON'T HELP THEM by dimming your own light! Relinquishing your light and your power to others is not an option.


Say YES to Yourself by:

Allowing yourself to naturally be drawn to others who are shining their lights. Those are your people.

Continuing to shine your light for others while surrounding yourself with people, opportunities, and energies that LIGHT YOU UP!


I allow my light to shine BRIGHT;

I allow my light to shine BRIGHT and reclaim and stand in my power;

I allow my light to shine BRIGHT because it gives others permission to do the same;

I am aware that my light attracts other lights, and I am open to sharing my light with others 

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